The Beekeeper / Mano Khalil

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The Beekeeper / Mano Khalil


In the mid-1990s, Ibrahim Gezer, a Kurd, was living happily in Turkey with his family, making a good living producing honey with his 500 bee colony.

Then came the Turkish-Kurdish war and he lost everything.On the run for seven years, he arrived in Switzerland as a refugee.

This moving documentary tracks the story of how this gentle soul, nearing retirement age, was able to rebuild his life—with nothing more than his faith in humanity and his love of bees.

Director:  Mano Khalil 


Winner Prix Soleure 2013 
Winner of  DOK.fest 2013 
Best Kurdish Doc. Movie, 2013, Duhok Int. Film Festival 
Lessinia d'Argento 2013 XIX Film Festival della Lessinia 
Audience Award 2013 The Neue Heimat film Freistadt

Film Showing:  Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 8 PM

RT: 107 mins

Language(s): In German and Kurdish with English subtitles

Official website: The Beekeeper

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